An unsolved problem: How to adress early school leaving? - By Irene Psifidou (CEDEFOP)

  • Data 04/11/2016

Interview to Irene Psifidou, held in Barcelona on October 26th within the International Perspectives on Education Conference conducted by Jaume Bofill Foundation: "An unsolved problem: How to adress early school leaving?" /agenda/unresolved-issue-how-tackle-early-leaving-education #abandonament #perspectivesbofill

Irene Psifidou is an education policy analyst in the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP).

As is clear from the CEDEFOP report, early school leaving is a reality that affects, although in different intensity and forms, all EU countries and, despite the effects of the crisis, it is still persisting hard. The report identifies the ELET factors, analyses the personal and social consequences and establishes a comprehensive framework of policies to deal with them, including prevention, intervention and compensation.

Also, international reports have attributed a key importance to the role played by the post-compulsory education (its offer, structure, prestige, etc.) in the fight against ESL. In particular, in November 2016 CEDEFOP will publish a report on the specific role of vocational training in this process that we discussed in depth in this event.

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