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Challenges and needs in education during adulthood


What is the current situation with regard to adult education in Catalonia? What needs and challenges are there? What improvement actions are needed? We shall review the field of adult education in Catalonia in order to provide a vision and proposals for a sector that is in need of an urgent overhaul.

Adult Education (FpA, from the Catalan) is a somewhat weakened sector that for a significant period has remained on the sidelines of education policies. It needs an urgent, comprehensive overhaul to allow it to meet today’s educational needs.

With this research project we aim to: conduct an analysis of the sector; identify agents and programmes; establish needs and challenges; and put forward proposals for improvement in this field. To do this, we benefit from the cooperation of Milena Verrié and Aleix Caussa, as well as the involvement of individuals and institutions with expertise from the sector (adult education teachers, experts, public authorities delivering programmes in this sphere, etc.) with which we are working on seminars to identify challenges and draw up proposals.

Through this project we wish to make a valuable contribution with vision and purposeful commitment which creates public discourse and seeks to engage the agents involved through new lines of work that may help to improve adult education in Catalonia.

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