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EDhack is a civic space where you can generate ideas and projects through collaboration. At EDhack, the people involved share their expertise to find solutions and overcome far-reaching educational challenges (feminism, sustainability, lifelong learning, culture, etc.). It is a co-creation community education lab.

The EDhack model, based on the hackathon format, has many benefits for improving education:

  • Its intensive, dynamic format, with the organisation of a 2-day immersive event, accelerates collective creativity.
  • Based on open culture, EDhack represents a real paradigm shift from a closed and private model of educational innovation, to a socially constructed one.
  • Its main strength is learning and collaboration between people to create value in the very same community that drives it.
  • It has the ability to attract new and committed talent, bringing together people from very different backgrounds.
  • It is supported by mentors who accompany teams through the process of creating solutions while offering their experiences, resources and contacts.
  • The EDhack methodology is results-oriented, based on an agile and manipulative working philosophy, specifically designed to give concrete and real answers in a specific region.

Do you think that there are educational challenges in your municipality that need to be addressed from a new perspective? Do you want to deal with them in a disruptive and fearless way? Based on EDhack’s methodology and experience, it is possible!

On the project’s website you will find tools, resources and references to be able to find out more. You can organise an EDhack in your municipality or browse the nearest EDhacks in your area and take part.


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