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The Futures of Education forum is a group of schools, and those linked to them, that wanted to contribute collectively to the global debate on the Futures of Education promoted by UNESCO, which, over two years (20/21), aims to reimagine how knowledge and learning can shape the future of humanity and the planet, and what type of education is needed.

The group will focus on three main objectives:

  • Generate joint actions of substantiation, reflection and co-innovation in relation to advanced learning, that promote peer learning, which is led by the group, and based on the challenges and training needs of the centres themselves, with the aim of sharing what they have learnt with the whole of the educational community.
  • Provide a joint vision of the elements of the Forum regarding the specific needs of the educational system and the centres to facilitate an education focused on the rounded education of each child and young person, and to channel these needs towards the institutions in charge and to society.

The group emerged as a joint and temporary project of centres which were already collaborating as training references for Escola Nova 21, together with others that were included for this purpose. Together they lead the initiative with the support of the Fundació Bofill and Unescocat.

The beginning of this process of collective reflection has coincided with the Covid-19 pandemic, which has helped to highlight some of the challenges and shortcomings of our education system. It has also emphasised, even more clearly, the need and urgency of a change in educational paradigm. A paradigm shift that is not only related to the digital dimension, but which also starts with an in-depth debate on the purpose of school, how 21st century learning environments should be, and what are the practices of teaching-learning required to provide a quality education to all children and young people. The educational crisis caused by the pandemic is forcing us to re-think education. This is what the schools that make up the Futures of Education Forum are determined to do.


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