Social and Economic Conditions of Student Life in Europe (EUROSTUDENT V), by Kristina Hauschildt

  • Date 23/06/2015

Interview to Kristina Hauschildt, member of the central coordination team and editor of Eurostudent V. 

Held in Barcelona on march 11th within the International Perspectives on Education Conference conducted by Jaume Bofill Foundation: EUROSTUDENT: the social dimension in European higher education - Examining the social and economic conditions of student life in higher education systems in Europe. /index.php?codm...

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Key points:

-The data collected by Eurostudent show a progressive increase in the number of students and the expansion of higher education in Europe. This increase is due to the opening of the university towards increasingly diverse profiles of students in relation to socioeconomic origin and age, which means greater equity in access and monitoring of higher education.

-The report stresses that Eurostudent are becoming more students entering college for alternative routes that enter with a lag since they finished high school, and are therefore more Sizes- that provide experience prior to the labor market, combining work and study, or transiting higher education with temporary interruptions. 

-The quality of higher education becomes a very important role in the implementation of the European Higher Education Area. Overcrowding and consequent diversity of the student requires to analyze and renew if necessary strategies for teaching and learning at the university.

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