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The Edcamp movement: how to make learning viral?

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On October 6th, Debates on Education invites you to a new conference on a transformative way of doing peer-to-peer professional learning: The Edcamp movement. An organic, participant-driven professional learning experience. A community created by educators, for educators. 

Kristen Swanson, Director of Learning at Slack and Founding Edcamp Board Member, will share with us the leading edge of professional development in education. We will learn about her vision of creating an international network of educators dedicated to participant-driven professional learning for themselves and others that accelerates student growth.

This educational movement wants to help educators discover new ways of learning and teaching, reigniting their passion in the classroom and passing it on to students across the globe.

In this new event, we want to explore the Edcamp practice and also answer a series of questions regarding the implementation of this educational strategy. The conference will cover the following points:

  • What is an Edcamp and what is the Edcamp movement for?
  • How to make innovative professional learning compatible with a demanding and high teacher’s work-load?
  • How to empower educators for their own lifelong learning process?
  • How to overcome resistance towards peer-to-peer professional learning among teaching staff?
  • In addition to fostering teachers’ learning, what other benefits does Edcamp bring with regards to the education of children and young people in the classroom?

Would you like to join us to create a local Edcamp in your city? We’re looking forward to seeing you on October 6th!

The Edcamp movement: how to make learning viral?
Auditori del MACBA




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