Pep Prat

Pep Prat

Shorter bachelor’s degree in Physical Education Teaching, graduate in Physical Activities Sciences and Sport, and master’s degree in Teacher Training.

Pep Prat’s career path began in the field of school teaching. For over three years he acted as a substitute teacher on all levels, ranging from primary to upper secondary school and vocational training school, and he coordinated various sports campuses. He went on to work as a primary school homeroom teacher, which is when he discovered his vocation and passion.

At the same time, as a cofounder, he began MakeIt! Education, a new shared project of a cooperative nature which seeks to accompany teachers, teaching staffs, schools and educational entities in processes of educational change and transformation through training, projects and personalised activities. This allowed him to become aware of and to learn about a number of different educational realities and to take an active part in the design and implementation of projects.

He subsequently joined Fundació Bofill as a promoter of the Edcamp movement, and he has combined this activity with the development of other educational projects outside the scope of our institution. At present he is a technician within the framework of the Lecxit programme.

Pep Prat loves sport, animals and nature. Whenever he finds time, he goes hiking in the mountains to discover new places and scenery.


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