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LECXIT: Reading for educational success


LECXIT is one of Fundació Bofill’s longest-running projects, with more than 10 years of experience. The project aims to increase children’s educational success by working to improve their reading comprehension.

The LECXIT program has a major challenge: to make sure that all students finish primary school with a level of reading competence that guarantees their educational and social development.

The key to LECXIT is to work in a playful and enjoyable way to develop reading as a pleasure in order to make children proud and confident readers who are ready to learn.

How does it work?


+2,000 reading partners = 40,000 HOURS OF VOLUNTEER WORK

To do this, we have a network of more than 300 supervised educational settings in 150 towns where more than 2,000 volunteers support a child on a weekly basis to make reading a fun and exciting experience.

At LECXIT we also want to offer tools and resources to schools, families and organizations to promote reading. You will find all the material available at this link.

In the school year 2022-23, LECXIT was part of the Educational support. Accompanying to accelerate opportunities project, supported by Fundació Bofill, the first impact evaluation project applied in the educational field in Spain.


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