Innovative Pedagogies for Powerful Learning - Barcelona Symposium (Summary)

  • Date 12/05/2016

Educational innovation is often perceived as a key strategy for improving educational quality. We wonder, however, if it is also key in the fight against educational inequalities. How can pedagogical innovation integrated into the reform agenda to ensure the improvement of students in disadvantaged environments? /agenda/fer-de-la-innovacio-educativa-una-estrategia-clau-en-la-reduccio-de-les-desigualtats-0 #InnoEduCat

Roundtable 1

«Are pro-equality education policy reforms the only solution? Innovative practices in schools as driving force for equity and quality in Education»

-Miquel Àngel Essomba, Commissioner of Education and Universities of the City of Barcelona.

-David Istance, Senior analyst and project director of “Innovative Pedagogies for Powerful Learning”, OECD.

-Elisa Martellucci, project manager at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).

-Àngel Domingo, general subdirector of Innovation, Training and Orientation, Government of Catalonia.

-Eduard Vallory, President of the UNESCO Centre of Catalonia.

Moderator: Anthony Mackay, general director of the Centre for Strategic Education in Melbourne, Australia.

Roundtable 2

«Innovative pedagogies to reduce social inequalities – discussion based in some practical cases»

What innovative solutions have been implemented in some learning environments to mitigate situations of educational inequality and exclusion? How can we use pedagogies to reduce students inequalities? 

-Gaëlle Chapelle, Researcher at the Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium.

-Marta Comas, Director of Innovation Area, Training Programs at Education Consortium of Barcelona.

-Boris Mir, secondary school teacher and Deputy Director of the “New School” Project.

-Winner experience from the open call: “Prosperem junts”. Presented by: Àngels Cadena, Director of Mercè Rodoreda School, Barcelona.

Moderator: Neus Lorenzo, Education inspector of Catalonia

Conclusions and final Remarks

-David Istance, Senior analyst and project director of “Innovative Pedagogies for Powerful Learning”, OECD.

Closure of meeting

-Meritxell Ruiz Isern, Minister of Education of the Catalan Government.

Thursday 28 April 2016, the OECD, the Jaume Bofill Foundation and the CIDOB analyzed with various international experts if educational innovation can be the engine for the improvement of learning and overcoming educational inequalities. How, beyond policy reform, innovation can be integrated into the proposed transformation of the educational system towards a truly equitable and quality model.


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