Additional school support for educational equality


A diagnosis of additional school support in Catalonia, with which we want to identify what needs to be done to place additional school support as a key element in the fight against educational inequality and, therefore, as the line of action in an oriented educational policy for educational success.

Currently additional school support is a compensatory resource which is not integrated into educational policy and of which there is no diagnosis made in Catalonia. The framework of action on this issue is very fragmented; there are no quality standards, nor the ability to reverse bad educational results or provide an effective compensation policy.

This research project aims to analyse the current situation of additional school support, identify actors and the types of actions they perform, determine key elements for their effectiveness, and pinpoint the role of this type of community educational innovation. The work will be developed in collaboration with people, entities and institutions involved in this field, with whom we will analyse the challenges and proposals, to redefine the “what”, “how” and “why” of additional educational support.

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