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The transformation of vocational training in Catalonia


We are living through one of history’s great transformations. Among everything going through the process of change, there is the education of the people, and within this education, the readiness for work.

The vocational training of a country’s citizens is an important tool for economic and social development. By definition, however, it is a complex area. Vocational training is linked to the end of academic education and access to the world of work, in between the educational system and the employer, and must cater for both young people with no work experience, and adults who need to retrain.

In situations like this, it is necessary to analyse, share, discuss and put forward proposals, all the while aiming for the highest level of rigour and knowledge. With the VT XXI project we want to contribute to the design of vocational training policies, starting from a global vision of the project’s role as a link between the education system and professional activity, suggesting proposals for the roll out of public policies to strengthen it.

We would like to carry out this activity together with all the people and institutions that have an interest in improving vocational training and all it implies. Vocational training is strongly tied to a wide variety of issues that affect the country as a whole: from those which are typical of the education system – such as dropping out of school early – to economic issues – such as adding value to our economy – through to support for people suffering from the consequences of unemployment or the uncertainty about how technological or global transformations will affect their work.


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