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A meeting point between educational research and practice. Turning knowledge into a catalyst for better education!

Every year, in Catalonia and around the world, a large number of research projects are promoted around educational phenomena and many practices and strategies are assessed which seek to promote better learning conditions for all. This research is the result of the concern and cooperation of many teachers, professionals and researchers committed to the improvement of education. They seek to generate and provide knowledge in order to enhance learning opportunities for children and young people.

However, what happens to all of this knowledge? Although it has great potential for enriching professional reflection, for inspiring the quest for solutions and for helping to answer the questions faced by every professional in his or her professional practice, it is often not brought to the attention of those who could really value it.

With “Research and Action!” we wish to contribute to transforming knowledge about education and learning into actions that generate opportunities.

  • With the newsletter we want to offer education professionals a window to the most valuable educational research for professional practice. It is a source of learning and inspiration to meet the daily challenges faced by schools, organisations, social services, town councils and education authorities.
  • With workshops, seminars and public events, we offer tools and spaces for conversation and reflection that help to transform the data and evidence from educational research into a catalyst for the improvement of education.

“RESEARCH AND ACTION!” will be of interest to you if...

  • Your occupation consists of educating and supporting children and young people in a school, an organisation, or an educational or social service, and you have a desire to gain knowledge of practices and insights from other professionals.
  • You have responsibilities in the area of education, children or youth in a town council and you want to keep up to date with research that will help you to improve opportunities for children and young people in the area.
  • You work in the socio-educational sphere and you want to discuss how to strengthen your project or service with your team.
  • ...and, in general, if you work or are interested in the world of education and you want to make use of research findings in order to continue to offer opportunities!

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