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This year, health measures and the greater needs of students are forcing teachers to rethink and reorganise many of the practices they employed in the past. In this context, it is natural to have doubts about whether the strategies adopted are the most appropriate for children and young people’s education. How do we know if we are on the right track?

Our knowledge on educational research, how to organise teaching-learning, how to give effective guidance to all students, how to work on the socio-emotional dimension of boys and girls, is ever-increasing. Although there are no magic solutions or unique formulae, this knowledge represents a key contribution to the reflection carried out by the teaching bodies and can serve to substantiate the adaptations and innovations that are currently being implemented.

With the “Les evidències a l’aula: una educació amb fonament” [‘Evidence in the classroom: education with foundation’] conference, held online on November 10, 2020, we created a meeting space between teachers and educational researchers to share evidence and practices on various dimensions related to education: socio-emotional and behavioural work, educational support and attention to diversity, guidance, project work, the use of digital technologies in school and the personalisation of learning. Teachers were able to share their doubts with researchers specialising in these areas, and various teachers presented experiences, enabled by the research in the schools where they work. In addition, we wanted to discuss the link between educational research and teaching practice.

This conference was organised by the Fundació Bofill, in collaboration with Editorial Graó.

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