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What Works in Education?

Using evidence to improve education


What Works in Education? is an initiative to collect and disseminate what we know about the effectiveness of educational interventions, in order to inform decision-making processes.

The initiative aims to:

- Collect, review and summarise the most rigorous evidence available on the functioning and effectiveness of educational interventions around the world. To this end, we publish three evidence reviews per year.

- Make evidence accessible to the stakeholders. We organise seminars with experts and stakeholders directly involved to the topics examined, in order to link evidence to the specific circumstances of Catalonia and identify policy implications.

- Place the evidence in the public arena. We organise forums open to the whole education community.

Ivàlua and the Jaume Bofill Foundation joined forces to set up the project What works in Education? to advance teaching practice in Catalonia.

  1. What works in education? The question that has to be asked / Is the introduction of pay-for-performance salary incentives for teachers linked to students' academic performance advisable?
  2. Are individual tutoring programs effective in addressing diversity? / What grouping strategies respond to criteria of efficiency and equality?
  3. Are summer programs effective in improving learning and educational outcomes in students?
  4. What impact do after-school activities have on children’s and youngsters’ learning?
  5. Are social and emotional learning programs effective tools to improve students’ skills? / Using self-regulation and metacognition in class: what works and under what conditions?
  6. Are scholarships and grants effective when it comes to the continuity and improvement of educational results at primary and secondary school level?
  7. School choice and allocation policies: what effects do they have on school segregation?
  8. Does school leadership affect student academic achievement?
  9. Is pupil assessment a mechanism for improving school performance?
  10. Do behavioral programs improve pupils’ attitudes and outcomes?
  11. Do programs to encourage parental involvement in education improve school performance?
  12. What impact do guidance and counselling programs have on students?
  13. Education inspection: which models work best?
  14. Does permanent training for teachers help to improve students’ educational outcomes?
  15. Multi-tiered interventions and forms of support for meeting educational needs: what works to improve learning and reduce school dropout levels?
  16. Does student learning improve through project-based instruction?
  17. Are programmes to combat school absenteeism effective?
  18. What do we know about the effectiveness of digital technologies in education?
  19. Networks between schools for educational improvement: What practices are the most effective?
  20. Second chance programmes: what works to improve young people’s education re-engagement and transitions to work? 
  21. Are programmes dealing with teachers’ expectations for their students effective?



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