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Education challenges in Catalonia

2022 Yearbook


The Yearbook Education Challenges in Catalonia is presented as an instrument for the prioritisation and mobilisation of the political agenda. It sets out challenges and priority policies, identifies levers for change and puts forward specific transformation measures.

In particular, the selection and focus of the challenges addressed in this 2022 Yearbook are inextricably linked to the impacts caused by the Covid-19 crisis on education, which have highlighted the critical points and weak links in the system, but have also uncovered a host of opportunities and areas for improvement that will need to be capitalised on in the coming years.

Therefore, issues are addressed in the chapters of the Yearbook, such as what teaching staff are needed in high complexity schools, or what is the added value afforded by the new opportunities schools and how can it be replicated across the system as a whole, while including more exploratory contributions concerning challenges that will be of great relevance in the near future, including: how can we train education professionals for inclusive management of diversity, or what should the role of education be in promoting the health of children and young people.

Aina Tarabini, PhD in Sociology and lecturer at the UAB, is responsible for managing this Yearbook, with the participation of twelve prominent authors. They all share the common goal of capitalising on highly in-depth knowledge to enhance the response to the highly specific challenges of improving educational opportunities and equity in Catalonia.


Project team

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