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2020 Yearbook


The 2020 Yearbook: The state of education in Catalonia reviews the main indicators of the reality of the Catalan education system and puts forward proposals in relation to challenges posed by the need to move towards a quality education that creates opportunities for all students.

The collaborations included in this 2020 Yearbook, compiled by ten experts led by César Coll and Bernat Albaigés, address some of the most pressing educational challenges we share with our neighbouring countries, based on the reality of the Catalan education system, and its strengths and weaknesses.

In line with this approach, the Yearbook shows that, despite the efforts that have been made and the progress we have seen, our education system still has outstanding issues: the stagnation of educational trajectories and dropout rates, the digital divide, inequalities in access to education and activities for 0-3 year olds, deficits in the distribution of grants and educational spending, among others.

Based on this reality, the authors analyse and present proposals regarding the challenges of the need to move towards an educational system which meets the learning needs of students in the initial decades of the 21st century: educational innovation, new learning needs, time and educational spaces, teacher training, ICT and equality. The final chapter, written by the directors of the Yearbook, outlines a series of proposals to address and overcome both the weaknesses and shortcomings of our education system and the new challenges it faces.


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