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PENTABILITIES is a project designed to foster students’ social-emotional skills in the classroom with innovative digital tools. It is focused on ESO students in vulnerable situation.

The development of social-emotional skills in adolescence helps young people to improve their academic results and to have more tools and resources for personal, academic and professional life..

What are the social-emotional skills that PENTABILITIES works on?

  • Responsibility towards the work done in the classroom 
  • Cooperation with the rest of the classmates
  • Autonomy to work independently and initiative in proposing ideas and in
    resolving conflicts
  • Emotional management of oneself and of the rest of the group
  • Thinking skills that contribute to making reflections on the contents

PENTABILITIES is integrated in the classroom, during school hours and can be applied in any subject class.

We create spaces for working on the skills within the regular academic content by training teachers in these social-emotional skills and also in the behaviours that allow them to be observed. As a result, students learn to know the different skills and to know how to observe them in themselves and in others. 

Through an innovative an easy-to-use digital application, students’ skills and behaviours are assessed. The evaluation is done both by the teachers and the students themselves (on themselves and on the rest of the class group). From time to time, the teacher extracts a report from the web platform with the evaluations received from each student and holds a feedback session with the teenager.

The implementation of PENTABILITIES generates benefits throughout the educational ecosystem:

  • Teachers have personalised support to help them integrate PENTABILITIES intheir day-to-day work.
  • Schools obtain a tool that can be applied in their educational process, as both the app and the training will remain at the disposal of the teaching teams.
  • Students learn and work on social-emotional skills that have a direct impact on their academic learning and their personal future.

PENTABILITIES transforms the way of working on social-emotional skills in the classroom and contributes to educational equity.

Educational Support

The PENTABILITIES project is included in the Fundació Bofill’s Educational Support programme, which is part of an impact assessment that will validate the results obtained and contribute to promoting public policies that focus on scientifically proven results.

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