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Vote education

To change everything!


Because of the Covid-19 crisis, education has featured prominently in public and media discussions, but this is not enough to see improvements in challenges that have been on the table for too long. If we do not want any student to be left behind and if we need a truly equitable and quality education system, we need political will and strategic commitment.

The main problem of the education system and the great challenge of the next legislature is the lack of equality. We are at a historic crossroads, and to take this leap forward it is essential to take on these challenges with ambition and determination: school segregation, educational support for all, ending absenteeism and school dropout, quality and universal education for 0-3 years, and educational inequalities outside school. They must be a priority for political parties and candidates, and they must prove they have the concrete proposals to deal with them.

For this reason, the Fundació Bofill has developed Vota Educació, an initiative to give the main challenges of equality a prominent position in the Catalan elections. We want and believe that these elections should be about education, and that the next legislature should be one of education.

The future of education is also being decided in the February 14 elections, which is why, in these parliamentary elections, political parties must work to facilitate this much-needed transformation of the education system. This F-14, whatever you vote, Vote Education!

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