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Magnet: Alliances for educational success



Educational centres that transform themselves to reverse school segregation; teams committed to educational equality and the future of children and adolescents; teachers who rethink and adapt school methodologies and schedules to work more competently; institutions of excellence involved in education that transfer their knowledge for social purposes; families who enrol their children in schools with high levels of diversity; students who learn more and improve their learning and who increase educational expectations; local authorities that are committed to well-balanced schooling… These are all Magnet alliances!

The Magnet programme. Alliances for educational success accompanies schools in developing a transformative project in partnership with an institution of excellence. This collaboration between the school and the institution must allow the school or college to develop an innovative educational project of quality; an attractive project, with magnetism, which becomes a benchmark project in its area, both for families as well as for the educational community. The programme is inspired by the Magnet Schools in the United States, which have been operating since the 1970s.

Who is promoting the Magnet programme?

The Fundació Bofill, the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona and the Institut de Ciències de l’Educació of the UAB are joining forces to tackle the problem of school segregation through the Magnet programme, working with the municipalities.


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